Expert training for healthcare, with emphasis on the diagnostic laboratory.


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Bundle: Laboratory Process Optimization

17.5 Contact Hours ($175.00) Process Optimization in the Laboratory Description In this bundle of 3 courses, we start with learning the concepts, tools, principles and history of Lean. You will understand the application of each Lean tool necessary to transition the laboratory filled with daily defects to an effortless workflow. Understanding the application of each …

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Lean Practitioner for Healthcare

37.0 Contact Hours Online/work at your own pace Welcome to Lean Practitioner Program for Healthcare Description: In this online certificate program, you will learn the skills to serve as a Lean Practitioner in the healthcare environment. As a Lean Practitioner, you will understand the principles, methods and techniques of the Toyota Production System applied to …

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Fast Track: Adapting Toyota Principles to Laboratory Workflow

3.0 Contact Hours ($29.99) Welcome to Adapting Toyota Principles to Laboratory Workflow! In this course, you will learn the principles of the Toyota Production System translated as operational, specific and adaptable to create a waste free, continuous flow laboratory. Through the study of these principles, we learn tools, fundamentals of work rules, practical examples and …

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Full-Course: From Data To Value

8.0 Contact Hours ($79.99) From Data to Value! Description:This course illustrates how labs can use data to demonstrate their value in the healthcare continuum and contribute to reducing the total cost of care. Data is the tool by which labs can move out from a volume based, stagnating business model to that of a thriving, …

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