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Fast Track VSM References

References American Society for Quality. “Quality Glossary.” Retrieved from  Accessed April, 2020 American Society for Quality. “Value stream mapping.” Retrieved from  Accessed April, 2020 Deming, W. E. (1986) Out of the crisis. Cambridge, MA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for Advanced Engineering Study. Liker, J.K. (ed.) (1998) Becoming lean: inside stories of U.S. manufacturers. Portland, OR: Productivity Press. Tague, N.R. (2005) [1995].  The …

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Fast Track VSM Healthcare Quiz

Instructions for Taking the Quiz Select an answer for every question. Unanswered questions will be scored as incorrect. There are three possible question types: Single Choice: only one answer is possible; click to indicate your choice Multiple Choice: multiple answers are possible; select all that apply True/False: click to indicate your choice. Review the content …

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