LF QUIZ: Introduction to Lean Management

Instructions for Taking the Quiz

  1. Select an answer for every question. Unanswered questions will be scored as incorrect.
  2. There are three possible question types:
    • Multiple Choice: click to indicate your choice. Currently, only one answer can be selected for a multiple-choice question. One Answer can be saved only once.
    • True/False: click to indicate your choice. One Answer can be saved only once
    • Sort/Match:  indicate your matching choices. One Answer can be saved only once
  3. Exam questions reflect material presented in this course.  Review the content before taking the exam because you may only take the exam two times. At that point the exam will be locked, and your final score will reflect your average grade. Your final grade must be 70% or greater to pass this course and is calculated by totaling your exam score, assignment, reflection and results of the quiz.

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