Expert training for healthcare, with emphasis on the diagnostic laboratory.

Expert training for healthcare, with emphasis on the diagnostic laboratory.

A3 101: Problem Solving in Healthcare


P.A.C.E.® 4.0 Contact hours

The A3 method is a Lean tool for optimizing process performance by methodically analyzing the current state and turning that understanding into a design for a better future state.  The tool uses before and after metrics to help the team evaluate the success of each incremental change.

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P.A.C.E.® 6 Contact hours

Description: The A3 method is a systematic, step-by-step technique for finding and resolving obstacles to process optimization.  The method was designed by Toyota and is a key tool for Lean practitioners.  Beginning with a deep understanding of the current state, the A3 team will progress to the ideal future state through a series of steps designed to ensure that the most pressing problems are solved first.  Each A3 exercise opens the door to new and better ways of doing work–making work easier first, then better, then faster and finally cheaper. This course includes:

  • Seven short instructional videos (total time 1 hour, 36 minutes)
  • A case study
  • An assignment
  • A ten-question quiz
  • A reflection topic
  • A scheduled workshop

The course will take approximately 6 hours to complete.

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Virtual Group Sessions

Virtual Group Instruction Available as a part of this course.

We provide live virtual classrooms to assist teams explore lessons in depth and apply the concepts to their live environment. The virtual classroom includes weekly sessions with the instructor intended to allow teams to ask questions regarding the content, share lessons learned with other learners and brainstorm direction for change.

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